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    Because We Love App Developers

    Who we are?

    Founded by industry veteran Oliver Wimmeroth, AppAnarchy is on a mission to become the friendly face of the app industry. We are a team of experts from the mobile, IT, communication and marketing industries that have joined to re-do the app promotion and marketing sphere for good. We are united in our endeavor to simply do two things: Get great apps to the masses – and help great developers strike the right deal.

    Our Philosophy?

    We believe that size shouldn’t dictate success. We want to promote genuine quality in the app industry. Regardless of the size and budget of a developer, we think the audience deserves to see the best apps that suit their demands. Therefore we are scouting for app deals, new stuff, quality developers that have remained unnoticed – but combine this with well-established programmers that seek new ways to gain followers.

    What we do?

    Based on curation by our experienced staff, we hand-select apps and introduce them with our own Electric app discovery magazines and apps. Our team of experts works hard every day to identify the best apps for our readership in mobile networks around the world. We guarantee variety and quality as well as platform independence. On the demand side, we team up with strategic partners around the world that assist us in distributing the deals to the relevant audience.

    In short

    AppAnarchy is the friendly face of the industry. We help good developers gain users. And quality-minded customers get access to their must-have app every day.

    Your Connection to a World of App Lovers

    With our Electric app magazines, AppAnarchy helps you unleash your potentials and reach an audience keen to discover the best mobile applications.

    Make Business

    In the app economy, the smalles part of apps return their investment. Make sure yours becomes one of them by reaching an audience and striking deals that benefit your growth.

    Overcome Overflow

    The app market is flooded with thousands of new apps every day. Getting noticed is hard. But we have trusted direct channels to consumers: our Electric app discovery magazines.

    Get Individual Promotion

    Whether you have a large marketing budget or simply a great app, you should apply! We offer various models going from editorial review to a full-flung app publishing partnership.

    People Who Love AppAnarchy

    Some Statements We Care About

    Oliver M. Wimmeroth

    As a passionate lover of mobile applications, I want to have the best stuff in my hands – not the apps that can pay the most for marketing. This is why I started AppAnarchy and Electric.

    Oliver M. Wimmeroth | Founder of AppAnarchy
    Tim Farin

    In all types of media an overabundance of supply leaves individuals puzzled, so it‘s natural that big marketing can decide who gets noticed as a common denominator. I like the AppAnarchy approach because it wants to introduce breathing room for people with great app ideas regardless of their budgets and introduce a curated, edited approach to app promotion.

    Tim Farin | Editor of Electric



    We would like to discover your app and review it. We‘re happy if you get in touch and will contact you for potential promotions, editorial questions or maybe even a marketing cooperation.